Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Jameson Swanagon LP 'Desolation Happiness'

A month after we recorded our Blood Sea Dream LP, our guitarist, Jameson Swanagon, got to work on his debut solo LP 'Desolation Happiness'. Swanagon's efforts -- gorgeous and intricate steel-string, finger picked guitar pieces that fall somewhere between the playfulness of Satie and the sincerity of Fahey -- are now available in digital and physical form at his website, and over at his bandcamp page.

According to an early assessment from the folks at the Bay Bridged,
"The tracks on Desolation Happiness (all instrumental) shift moods frequently, moving from melodic finger-picking to eerie avant-folk at the drop of a hat. The album successfully exposes Swanagon’s deftness with his craft, both as a performer and a composer."

Well said.