Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The meteoric rise of fuckwave

Things are certainly heating up for us here in Grand Lake land. As we prepare to perform our album, Blood Sea Dream in its entirety at Cafe Du Nord next Tuesday, we're going to warm up a bit. I'll be playing some songs all by myself on Friday afternoon on KRSO 1350AM (that's right, AM)...they have this show called 'The Drive'. Check it out here at 5:oopm.

This morning we woke up to a sparkling review of the record by writer David Downs in the East Bay Express. Grab that here, and read all about the new genre we've created: 'Fuckwave'. Its really the genre to end all genres. Literally. The origins of fuckwave are traceable to the New Sincerity movement- as specifically applied by the poet Joseph Massey. Read up comrades!

We'll leave you with this track from the record: