Sunday, September 27, 2009

Falkor's Revenge, Port O'Brien, Videos, Photos

As previously mentioned, John and I did some playing with Van and Graham of Port O'Brien over the summer for the Bay Bridged feature 'New, Improved, Live'. The sessions came out this past week, resulting in some awesome videos and mp3's. Check out the below video, and for the rest of the session go here.

New, Improved, LIVE: Port O'Brien - "Leap Year" from The Bay Bridged on Vimeo.

Last week we ventured down to San Luis Obispo to guest on an episode of a new web series that's being filmed called 'Townies'. In our episode the show's star gets invited to an 'underground' show, and we were asked to play the band at the show - Falkor's Revenge - a ridiculously over-the-top noise band (kind of). Jameson couldn't make it down with us, so our friend Graham from KCPR stepped in to play Falkor no. 3. We don't wanna spoil too much (the series won't be online until January), but here's a video we took of our rehearsal:

While we were rehearsing our scenes this older guy was kind of milling around, convinced that Falkor's Revenge was a real band. And he LOVED it. He hung around for a while, trying to chat us up, and finally after we finished filming he found us behind the building and told us all about his band 'Baked Ham', how to expand our consciousness, the meaning of chaos and etc. Here is a video of him:

After we said good night to our No. 1 fan, we still had work to do. Falkor's Revenge was needed to film a scene outside of the venue, as the star approached. This was complicated and involved many extras, some with bikes, and the scene had to be shot over and over. The task was made more difficult due to that fact that we were in San Luis Obispo - a town that I love dearly but that is unfortunately full to the brim with the type of people that like to drive by groups of people and scream things from their cars. The shoot was interrupted about three times by this kind of thing, which probably added an extra hour or so. Here are some things people yelled:

"How can I get in this porno?"

"Fags!" (this person also threw a water balloon in the general direction of the crew)

"Butthole!" (really)

The whole experience was really fun, really funny, and we had a great time. Many thanks to Carl and his crew for letting us be Falkor's Revenge. Amazing.

Unfortunately we had to get back to Oakland the next day. Work. Sad face. On the way up the 101 we saw the following car, which pretty much iced the cake of a great trip south:

People are amazing.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Press, Photos

Our hometown college newspaper posted this rather thorough review of 'Nevermint' ... and they even discussed my favorite novelist, Paul Auster, in the same article. Amazing. Check that out here.

Also, here's a photo recap of some highlights from the last week or so:

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

News, Posters, Crazy People, Art

We're playing a set in a couple of weeks at the Hemlock tavern in San Francisco - with other amazing bands, White Cloud and Rad Cloud. The show is $6.00 and starts at 9:00pm on Friday September 18.

Our west coast shows were amazing, in large part because of Guidance Counselor, an amazing band from Portland Oregon. Here is a dark video I took of part of an amazing performance in Portland:

When we finished our little West Coast Jaunt, I of course went back to work. The first day back, this man did a little dance:

In the middle of my work week, John and I ventured out the to the Art-Murmur in Oakland. We were late, and only one gallery was open. Here's what we saw: