Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Spark Video part II

Yes, yes, yes - we posted a version of this video before, and promptly took it down a week later. Some wondered to themselves 'why'? I'll tell you - its because we forgot to add the key ingredient - a kitten named Skooter. And more ducks. And a dog named Sophie. And other things.

So - we are pleased to present the NEW video for 'Spark' - from our album Blood Sea Dream (out now on Hippies Are Dead).

The SF Weekly posted the mp3 of Spark for FREE download, with a tidy track review here. Get it while its hot.

Hope to see you at the show on Friday - if you need more convincing to get out and go, check out this band The Lambs - they are also playing, and I really think they're quite good. They have free songs to download here.