Thursday, February 18, 2010

Shows, Pics, Fixies

Grand Lake - Why Do You Lie To Me? from Army of Middle on Vimeo.

Many thanks to all of you (and there were so many!) who came out to our last couple of shows in San Luis Obispo and San Francisco! Opening for Thao and the Thermals was amazing (doubly amazing to get to play with Thao a bit during her set) and opening for Alec was a treat - made even better by how many of our friends were there with us - awesome.

Hippies Are Dead posted some photos of the SF show - check that out here.
Update: Video above from San Luis Obispo w/ Thao and the Thermals.

Meanwhile, a song from our first EP, Nevermint, landed in a documentary about riding fixed-gear bikes in Japan. Thanks to 500 Records for that, and check out the clip below.

JUNKUN Part 1 of 2 from on Vimeo.

We just added a show in Santa Cruz, at the UC on Friday, February 26. MySpace has the details. Hope to see you there!