Thursday, December 10, 2009

New EP, Press

See that thing in John's hand? That's right - its our new EP! And now that we officially have them, you should probably buy one. All you have to do is spend $6.00, go to our MySpace page, and click a few buttons.

Or, you could mail us $6.00 and a note that says "this is for one of your EPs" and we would in turn mail you one. Our address is 5412 Claremont Avenue # 4, Oakland, CA 94618.

The other thing you could do is wait until the next Grand Lake show, which is December 18 at the Uptown. We'll be selling them there. But why wait? If you order the EP now, you'll have it in a couple days, and you can listen to it, learn all of the songs, and be the kid at the show that knows more than the other kids who didn't get the EP. You can walk by the merch table and be like "god, I already have that... when are they gonna release an album..." you see? There are distinct advantages to ordering this now.

Hippies Are Dead agrees with this. Please read this post if you need further convincing.