Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Video, New EP, Fall

Heyo, and happy T-Day.

John and I moved recently, which is part of why our blogging has been a little slow. Here is a picture of what Fall looks like in our new neighborhood:

We have a couple of things to announce: 1). We have a new EP on the way, and it is available for pre-order now! $6.oo, includes free shipping, and you get two new Grand Lake tracks, plus two cover tracks - the Silver Jews' 'Slow Education' and Port O'Brien's 'Pigeonhold'. Three songs are streaming on MySpace, and the video for the Silver Jews cover is below:

Grand Lake - Slow Education (Silver Jews Cover) from Army of Middle on Vimeo.

Actually, the video is number 2). Our good friend Ryan Pierce made this little nugget, which was shot while we tracked the song, although I don't think this actually qualifies as a 'live' video, but it kind of is. In a way.

Hope you enjoy it! We are pretty big fans of the Silver Jews, and if you haven't ever heard them, we reccomend you pick up any of their albums on Drag City.

Couple of shows coming up in December, but more on that later.