Monday, October 19, 2009

Treasure Island Sunday, Wiretap Music, Halloween!

John and I were lucky enough to see a bunch of amazing bands at Treasure Island on Sunday. Best of the bunch was definitely, without a doubt Grizzly Bear. Holy god, they were amazing. They sounded tops, and during their set the clouds parted, pouring dazzling sunlight on thousands of shivering kids. There were pelicans too.

Thao and The Get Down Stay Down were also awesome, and Willis (drums) was being generous with his whisky. Amen. I missed Vetiver's set, which I was bummed about. Caught the Walkmen (disappointment - sorry), missed Yo La Tango (tears), saw Beirut (I liked them more than I thought - plus Zach Condon is kinda hot).

Of course, the highlight of the night was the Flaming Lips. Fucking awesome. Indescribable. A good friend got me a VIP pass, and so I was back there for most of the day abusing the privilege of free beer. At some point, a lot of the backstage security people decided that I was a member of the Decemberists (I don't know which one - maybe that Colin Meloy guy) and so they let us hang out stage left for the Lips' set. We then tried to convince other drunk people that I was in the Decemberists. That didn't work as well, as most people didn't seem to be as drunk as we were. Anyway, it was completely great, and here are some blurry photos:

Steven Drozd, Wayne in the bubble, Michael Ivins

Dancing furry people and smoke:


Speaking of the Flaming Lips, Grand Lake has been featured on Wiretap Music for the past month, and the video they made shows a clip of me comparing the Flaming Lips to a really fantastic erection. We are truly huge fans. Check out the video here.

In other news, we're playing a seriously rad show the night before Halloween. Here is the poster:

If you'd like to go, you can save two dollars by clicking here.