Monday, July 20, 2009

Summertime Jamzzz

As I mentioned below, on Friday John and I played some music with Port O'Brien. Most of the band was out of town (Cambria is up in Alaska working, Ryan is on the east coast [?] ), and so John and myself were enlisted to help make some noise for a Bay Bridged feature called 'New Improved, Live'. Also present were new Port O'Brien multi-instrumentalist Graham Lebron, and Patrick Abernathy (formerly of Rogue Wave, Beulah, currently proud papa and leader of Pancho San).

POB has a new album coming in the fall, and so we played some new songs off of that, as well as an amazing Beyonce cover. Track titles include "Oslo Campfire" "Leap Year" and "Love Me Through". Good stuff to be sure, so be on the lookout! I don't know when the official videos will be released from the session, but until then, I've posted the below gems to hold you over.