Sunday, July 12, 2009

News, Photos

Figure a: Setlist, Strange Flyer

Last week was pretty good. I tracked some bass on ex-Grand Lake drummer Ryan Parks' in-progress album. We played a fun set at Metamusic in Santa Cruz, and had a great time playing OMFG Oakland last night (although I didn't get any photos or video... I'll be sure to throw up a link to some if anyone else posts). During our first two shows as a three piece, we discovered that 1. Being a trio is very different, 2. being a trio is very challenging, and 3. being a trio is fucking rad. We're excited. We will be playing a last minute show at the Knockout on Wednesday, which apparently is the official SF kick-off of the Mission Creek Music Festival. This rules because we like playing alot, and we especially like playing at the Knockout. See ya there?

Figure b: B. Hamilton, PhD. tickles the Wurly: