Tuesday, June 9, 2009

News, Press, Podcasts

Its been quite a week for us in Grand Lake land... as you may have read, our beloved van, Lucy, was stolen on Sunday. Hippies Are Dead posted a nice 'be on the lookout' type piece about that. So far, Lucy hasn't turned up again, but we remain optimistic.

The Bay Bridged posted their latest podcast today, which features Grand Lake. Give it a listen here. Topics covered in the interview include the origins of Grand Lake, our affinity for Cassingles, drinking, quitting jobs, and gut-feelings. Niiiiiice.

West Coast Performer Mag's Brian Echon wrote a tidy little feature about Grand Lake in this month's issue entitled "Grand Lake: When Pain Is The Muse" - oh the drama! Check that out here.

Stranger Dance included "Sandusky Sunset" in an mp3 round-up type post. Check it here.

Thursday night we play our first ever headlining show at the El Rio. We will also be selling our new cassette single Sandusky Sunset for the first time. They are all done - and they are beautiful. They are also only $5, which includes a digital download and a button. Hellz yeah.