Tuesday, June 23, 2009

News, Freestylin' in Sac, Dogs in SLO, shows...

This post is a recap of a super fun weekend in Sacramento, Oakland, and SLO... Click on the pictures if you want them to be bigger.

On Saturday, we played a set at Old Ironsides in Sacramento - it was pretty fun. We got there and sounchecked. The sound guy was super nice.

Then John got bounced and had to wait outside all night.

Because John had to wait outside all night, we waited outside all night too. That's when we met Christine. She was a spirited woman, with undeniable talent. After telling us a story about doing mushrooms and shape-shifting, she informed us that she occasionally dabbled in free-styling. Then she performed for us.

After our successful evening debut in Sacramento, we bid our new friends farewell, and went back to the bay. I went to work.

Then we drove down to San Luis Obispo, for another show. Jameson and Danae drove me down with them. We were all squished into the front of Jamie's small pickup truck. It was alright. We stayed at Jameson's parents house - they have the most comfortable couch in the world, which is called 'The Cloud'. Amazing. They also have dogs. Here is a picture of one of them, his name is Tucker.

The next day we hung around San Luis - ate some stuff, went to the park.

Walking near the park we saw an interesting cactus

The park was nice. San Luis Obispo is the most relaxing place on earth.

Then we played a really fun show with Starfucker. They are amazing and a ton of our friends were there. Adam took a video of one of our newer songs. Here it is:

After the show we hung around Jameson's house a little more, then John and his friends went to play some Mario Cart at Ryan's house. I went with them, and got to meet this delightful princess of a dog. Her name is Sophie:

The next day, I hung out with my Mom a little in Cayucos. She has a very cute dog named Felony.

After that, Jameson's brother Cameron had a barbecue for his birthday. Everyone had to wear hats.

Our new single, 'Sandusky Sunset', was released digitally today (although its much better on cassette, and when you buy a cassette, you also get a free digital download). If you can't make a Grand Lake show, or are for some reason not into buying a cassette, you can download the digital single at any of the usual online retailers.