Friday, May 1, 2009


I don't usually use this blog to rant about stuff, but what the hell - this rant has to do with one of our biggest influences - the Breeders.

I just read through the Pitchfork review of the new Breeders e.p. "Fate To Fatal". What absolute garbage. I can't stand it when punk-ass critics tell legendary songwriters how their songs should be written, or how they should sound. This guy, Paul Thompson, has the nerve to write the following about the track "Pinnacle Hollow":

"As it is, it's intoxicating, but I can't help but wonder what it'd sound like with a bridge."
Are you fucking joking Paul Thompson? Nope, he's not. And this isn't the first time this particular reviewer has been called out on being a complete ass (click here for that story).

In the same review Thompson complains about how one of the tracks sounds "lo-fi" and "straight off the four-track". Gee - I thought Pitchfork had a viagra sized boner for lo-fi sounds (read Wavves, Nodzzz, Crocodiles, Blank Dogs, Vivian Girls, etc.).

You can listen to Fate To Fatal, and hear for yourself what a bunch of utter shit this review is, on lala.

UPDATE: Ok. So here's a post by Rupture, who's remix of an Architecture In Helsinki got slammed by Paul Thompson on Pitchfork.

UPDATE NO. 2: On a tip from my good friend and co-worker Kyle, I checked out the Hunches MySpace blog, and read the most entertaining rebuttal of a bad review EVER. The review doesn't come from Pitchfork, or Paul Thompson, but the way the Hunches handle being slammed is amazing. Enjoy it HERE.