Monday, May 11, 2009

Press, news

Man its been a little hectic in our neck of the woods. We've been working on finishing our cassette single (all the little annoying details, the packaging, the internet stuffs, etc), working on new tunes, and booking shows and stuff. Sometimes all this stuff drives me a little crazy, and its so nice outside, and I just want to sit beneath a tree, with my feet in some kind of water, and read the new Roberto Bolano novel I just picked up at Moe's. Eh bien.

Today, Hippies Are Dead posted some videos of some new tunes, two of which will be on our cassette single (out in a few weeks I think). Read the post here. I posted my two faves from that show, Sandusky Sunset and Carapoforo, below.

See you at the ATA Friday, or at Pehrspace on Saturday (our first set in Los Angeles!).
'Sandusky Sunset'