Wednesday, May 27, 2009


We posted the b-side of our new single on the MySpace today - its a tune we've been playing live for a couple months called "Why Do You Lie To Me".

The single drops officially on June 23. We'll have them for sale before then, at the El Rio in San Francisco on June 11. The cassettes are rather pretty, with nicely screened sleeves, a button, and a free digital download of course.

Earlier this evening we had our first full rehearsal with our new drummer John. It was awesome! He's pretty great - a very different drummer than Ryan, with a lighter touch, and we had a good time digging into some new material. You've got plenty of chances to see John at any number of upcoming shows through September. MySpace also has those dates, which we posted as well. Post, post, post. That's all we live for? gah.